Karyarupa is Jakarta & Yogyakarta based creative studio. We’re a group of individuals passionate in enriching people’s interaction with images and giving values to design. Our work is a 360 approach to meet the all-round needs of your brand with an extra special keen eye on illustrations.


We burn hundreds of hours every week to craft designs that breathe life into brands. The work in our studio begins with an idea then developed into a concept and established into the most proper outcome through design.


Each partnership offers us a chance to shape into existence a canvas to decorate, as well as a foundation of success for our partners. We’re more than open to sit down and talk about the best way to execute your ideas. With zero hesitation, drop us a message and talk to us!

Things we do:

Identity Design

Editorial Design


Marketing Tools


Print and Production

Environmental Graphic

Signage and Wayfinding

Web Design

Web Development

Social Media